What are your hours?

Typically the shop is open Tues-Fri 9 AM to 7 PM. I do some Saturday appointments when I can, or when there’s just not enough time to get everyone in during the week. I’m also a parent, so sometimes I need to get out early or come in a little late for sports or school activities.

Do you take walk-ins?

If I have time, sure. Unfortunately, there’s not usually time for that. I’m only one person, and the top priority is running on time for those who have appointments. You’re always welcome to stop in and roll the dice, but chances are someone will be in the chair or on their way.

Do you do kids’ haircuts?

Yes. That being said, it really depends on the child’s age and their ability to remain calm and still while I do the haircut. If they’re kicking and screaming before they even get in the chair, it’s probably not going to happen. I really go on a case by case basis with this. If they’re having a hard time, it might have to be buzz cuts at home until they’re ready! Also, I hate to break it to you parents, but your toddler probably won’t sit still long enough for a skin fade and they don’t need a hard part. Imagine trying to draw a straight line on a paper that’s moving the whole time. It rarely turns out well. Keep it simple, because they’re not waking up to style their hair at this point anyway.

Where are you located? I think I’m here but I don’t see the building.

When you get to the address (705 N. East St #5 Bloomington, IL) there are two brick buildings. They look like apartment buildings, but they’re all small businesses inside. The best way to get to me is to park in the lot that’s in the back and you’ll see the door from there. I chose this location for a reason. It’s got a nice, cozy, speakeasy vibe to it so you can relax and let loose a little while you’re getting cleaned up.

Do you do online booking?

No. I know we live in a world where picking up the phone and calling someone sounds terrifying, but it benefits both of us. It’s good to know who I’m talking to and making sure we’re both on the same page. Once you’re a regular here, you’ll find I’m pretty flexible with times/days where online booking is not. I don’t answer the messages that go to the shop Facebook or Instagram pages. I simply just don’t have time while cutting hair to respond to these.

I’m running a few minutes late/I can’t make my appointment. Is that ok?

If you’re more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, I’m going to ask that we reschedule. It may not seem like a huge thing, but it can set my whole day behind as I’m usually booked back to back. Every once in a while I may have some wiggle room, just check in first and we can go from there. If you can’t make it at all, it’s not a big deal. Just call and let me know. I’m not your Dad or your boss so I don’t need to know any details, just a quick heads up is good so I can fill that appointment or use the time for something else. IF YOU’RE A NO CALL/NO SHOW YOU MAY BE CHARGED FOR YOUR MISSED APPOINTMENT BEFORE I’LL SCHEDULE YOU ANOTHER. Please value my time as much as I value yours.

Do you take credit/debit/Venmo/PayPal?

No. Again, I know we live in a technologically driven world. But it’s just easier and more cost effective for me to accept only cash at this time.

Do you do hair designs?

No, but there are a couple of shops in town that do. I’d be happy to recommend them to you if that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t have anything against them, it’s just not something I’m into doing here. I’m also a terrible artist. So if you saw me draw something on a piece of paper, you would definitely not want me to do it in your hair.

Is there wifi?

No. Get an unlimited plan or hot spot you cheapskate.

Can my buddy hang out while I get my haircut?

Absolutely. I designed this place to be as comfortable and care free as possible. Just don’t bring that dude who blows vape clouds everywhere.

Can I show you a picture of how I want my hair?

Sure! A reference is always nice, so we can both be on the same page. However, I can’t guarantee that you’ll walk out of here looking like Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, or that guy from Peaky Blinders.

How far out do I need to schedule my appointment?

I can typically get you in within 2-3 days of when you call. This really just depends on the time you’re looking for and how popular it is with other customers. I know, I know.. I’m on there four days a week, but they’re long days for me and I try to remain pretty flexible to get everyone that wants in before I’m gone for the weekend. Usually anything past 4 can be booked out a week, while the mornings and the middle of the day can be open the same day you call. Usually I recommend calling on Tuesday as that’s the first day of the week I’m there.

How do I know if you’ll be working extra/less hours or gone from the shop entirely?

The best way to keep up with shop closures for vacation or hours changing for a little while are the Facebook and Instagram pages. I try to update those with days off, hour changes, or when I’m going to do weekend appointments.

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